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Welcome to NBS online.
Here at NBS we show individuals how to ...
Deal effectively with life challenges and cope with stress.
Confidently make necessary decisions.
Sleep soundly at night without the need for sedative hypnotic sleep aids.
Control pain rather than have pain control them.
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Improving lives through HEALTH EDUCATION and MENTAL COACHING
NBS uses health education and mental coaching to help patients help themselves.

Learn about Insomnia, Managing Chronic Pain, Medical Illness and CPAP Utilization through these links and resources.
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For individuals who require sedative hypnotic medication or for whom these medications are not effective.

For individuals for whom chronic pain is an on-going condition.

For individuals whose medical condition is exacerbated by poor handling of stress, anxiety and/or non-compliant behavior.

For individuals with claustrophobia or situational insomnia associated with CPAP.
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